‘Dig Out Your Soul’- Oasis

Whether you love them or hate them, there’s no denying that Oasis have had a large impact on the rock scene since they came roaring on the scene in 1994 with ‘Definitely Maybe’. Liam and Noel Gallagher, the brains behind the operation, sometimes regarded as the second coming of Lennon and McCartney (who were in a little band called the Beatles), have always been very aware of this regard. The brothers are well-known for holding contemporary bands and artists, as well as worldwide fanbases (I put deodorant on this morning, Liam) , in contempt. Well, when you’re regarded as the second coming of Lennon and McCartney, romanticized as the saviors of rock n’ roll, your tongue is free to fly freely.

‘Dig Out Your Soul’, released in 2008, sees Oasis as no longer the rulers of the roost in alternative rock, or britpop, as their style is often referred. Bands that would come after Oasis, namely Coldplay, had taken over the crown in the eyes of the mainstream press. Have no fear, as from the opening sounds of “Bag It Up”, the opening track, we’re reminded why Oasis were the top dog of this scene to begin with. This song, with its psychedelic tinges and its honest alternative rock strut, will have you forgetting all about Coldplay. Who? Oh, never mind. If you like psychedelia in your music, this is going to be the record for you. The following track, “The Turning”, as well as “Waiting for the Rapture” and “(Get Off Your) High Horse Lady” are all seeped in psychedelic sounds.

The fourth track on this record, “The Shock of the Lightning”, is without a doubt the highlight of the record, and might be the highlight of the entire Oasis catalog. What can be said about this song? It’s just plain awesome. The unfortunate thing that this record runs into, though, is an inconsistency in tone, quality, and mood. There are times when it seems that this record has no idea what it’s trying to accomplish. While none of the material on this record is bad, some of it does seem to lack the enthusiasm that some of the other tracks have. The reason for this is that the record seems to be very top-heavy, in that all of the best songs are placed towards the very top of the record. By the time you get past track six, things start to drag along. With that said, this is still a pretty damn good record. The great tracks are really great. However, if you’re looking for Oasis at the top of their game, this record is no ‘Definitely Maybe’. Diehard fans of the band might disagree and rank this record a bit higher.



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