‘Metal Resistance’- Babymetal

Babymetal have become a worldwide sensation over the past couple of years with their signature brand of ultra-gimmicky pop and metal music, even earning spots on tours with Lady Gaga, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Guns N’ Roses. The craziest aspect of this whole phenomenon is that fact that their self-titled debut record, released in 2014, is awesome. It really is. That record features some of the catchiest songs you’ll ever hear in your life. Another thing going for these girls is that they’re just so damn cute that you can’t help but root for them and bop your head along when you hear them. That’s right, Babymetal are adorable and their debut record is outstanding. What are you going to do about it? So, how will they fare on their follow up record, 2016’s ‘Metal Resistance’?

Well, here’s the trouble. When your entire act is such a specific gimmick and you don’t even make the slightest effort to convince anyone otherwise, it can become very difficult to consistently produce quality material. Unfortunately, this is exactly what the girls run into this time around (Please forgive me). However, that doesn’t stop this record from producing some great songs, as “Karate”, “Awadama Fever”, and “Yava!” will all go down as some of their best songs to date. Amazingly enough, after this strong stretch, the record just completely drops off. Even in the slight moments where it tries to regain its footing, it just can’t hold on. It’s almost as if the girls went into the studio with the intention of making a few songs that were going to serve as a sort of advertisement for their next tour dates and to gain publicity, like most gimmicky acts do. The problem is that they’ve already made one incredible record and so they’ve set the bar so high that it’s going to be nearly impossible for them ever to reach that point again. This is very disappointing, because they’re without a doubt one of the most exciting and promising young acts in popular music today.

So, where do Babymetal go from here? Well, hopefully they will regroup and put out a better record next time around. In the meantime, they have enough momentum and fire power to maintain their position in today’s musical climate. Having these girls around is a good thing, folks. Love them or hate them, they’re a spectacle in a musical climate that is practically devoid of spectacle. We should be cheering them on, not wishing failure upon them. This was a disappointing record, but let’s hope that they don’t fade away and vanish the way that many other gimmicky pop acts do in relatively little time. They’re better than that. Good luck next time, girls. You’ve still got a fan in this corner.




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