‘The Crow: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack’- Various Artists

This soundtrack to the film released in 1994 features a hodgepodge of music genres that all capture that dark, gloomy feel of the film. This record features 14 songs that all do a good job in their own respects at representing the film, but for this purpose, this record will be stripped down to the five best songs.

In no particular order, here they are…

  • “Burn”- The Cure

This is the opening track of the record and probably does the best job on the entire record of capturing the essence of the film. This is as dark and gritty of a song that the Cure had released since the ‘Pornography’ era, which of course was a famous (and infamous) era of the band. With the Cure at this peak level of darkness, they’re always menacing and spine-tingling.

  • “Color Me Once”- Violent Femmes

Again with the eerie, creepy vibe (something prevalent on this record for obvious reasons), Violent Femmes deliver a real winner with this track. This feels like natural territory for them based on how well they handle the subject matter, though these guys have never really been about the darker side of things (other than “Country Death Song”). One of the Femmes’ best tracks.

  • “The Badge”- Pantera

Holy shit, this is a ripping track. A cover of Poison Idea, Pantera deliver without a doubt the most pulse-pounding track on this record. This track will make the hair on your arms stand up with its monstrosity of conviction. One of Pantera’s best songs. Rarely do they ever reach this level of darkness. There were relatively few bands who ever matched Pantera’s level of ferocity on a regular basis. This track is proof.

  • “Snakedriver”- The Jesus and Mary Chain

The ’90s aesthetic treats the Jesus and Mary Chain quite well on this track, an aesthetic of which they helped define during the latter half of the ’80s. Wall to wall with all of the sonic dissonance that the underground reveled in for years. They prove their hero worship to be deserved. All in all, this is one of the more uplifting tracks on this record. Well, as uplifting as it gets anyway…

  • “Milktoast”- Helmet

Renamed from “Milquetoast” for this record, Helmet’s brand of metal/alternative/post-well, just about everything is picture-perfect for a film like this and considering the ’80s hangover that defined the early ’90s, Helmet may be the perfect example of a band that exemplified the need for something new and experimental. Great track. Keeps with the vibe of the film perfectly.

These five tracks best represent this film as a whole. The film is just as much a product of the ’80s hangover period of the early-mid ’90s as the songs that were featured on its soundtrack. The ’90s were a confusing time for music. This is perhaps what allows for two bands as seemingly different from one another as Pantera and Violent Femmes to be featured in the same context. The overall quality of songs on this soundtrack is very good, with only a couple of noticeable exceptions. This is probably one of the better soundtracks of the decade.






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